Make our professional stylists help you create that special look to show off your competition like never before.
Included in the price:

  • Professional style.
  • Retouching before leaving to the Stage if you need it.
  • The extensions must be provided by the competitor. Or they would be charged separately.


Put yourself in the best hands of our professional team of makeup artists, to leave you the perfect look for your moment on stage.

  • Perfect face for the stage.
  • Color that matches your swimsuit.
  • Retouching included.
  • Designed by international professionals.


The best team of professionals at your service to put on the best Toptan color.

  • The best dye: TOPTAN.

  • rofessionally applied with the best machines.

  • Touch ups included.

  • Perfect look for stage and photos.

Now you can acquire your Services Voucher from the Registration form.

Acquire your voucher for any of these services NOW and you will have PRIORITY on the weighing day,
august 1st, to book your appointment.


Moriau Media Pero is the company in charge of your official pictures from the event.

With the goal to offer the best quality with all the services for the competitors that are participating in this world-class event, we count on a professional team that can guarantee and capture your best coverage and memories of the event.

The photo packages will be available the week after the event.

The price of the photo package is 72,00€ (online reservation)

Price of the pictures on the athlete registration 95,00€